Mitch DiehrMitch

I’m a teddy bear. It’s funny how many times I’ve been told that, sometimes by complete strangers. I’ve been an actor, father, ballroom dance instructor, part time philosopher, and now a professional cuddler. I hope ┬áto make you feel comfortable, warm, and secure. I’m here because I know what it feels like to have no one to hold when you really wish you did. I also am a believer in the power of healing touch. I have studied various systems of somatic nature including ,but not limited to, Alexander Technique, western massage, Reiki, the work of Daria Halprin, also the arts and practices of Jerzy Grotowski and his physical actons, Tatsumi Hijikata and his practice of Butoh, and I’ve even found the work of Michael Chekov and Lee Strasberg to be very informative in shaping my views on touch. I’m on a bit of crusade now to extol its virtues and to hopefully counteract some of the negative societal views against touch.

I have a bachelors from the University of TN and an MFA from The New School in NYC. I have been interested in human connection for a very long time now. For quite some time I have explored it through theatre and story. Countless times I have found that the boundaries of our soul bump into the somatic world. There are a lot of modalities out there today to help people heal. Western medicine, acupuncture, massage are all wonderful ways to heal. What about just getting a hug? Some people don’t have that as an option. Who do they go to for that? It’d be inappropriate to ask most of our friends much less our acquaintances. So go to someone who believes in it. Someone like me. I’ve always been drawn to eastern practices, metaphysics, and energy systems but sometimes we just want tender contact. As an actor and ballroom dancer I know what it’s like to hold someone in a professional way. Touch is a healing practice and I’m happy to help people with it.

On the physical side I am six feet tall and generally a big teddy bear in that I am muscular but also like a cookie now and then. I only let people know this because some like to know if I’m large enough to actually hold them and that they can feel comfortable on my chest or the crook of my arm. I am happy to hold anyone whether they identify as male, female or other. I am here to provide warmth and support through kind gentle safe touch.

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As a mother and a trained birth doula, I have witnessed how the power of touch can soothe, relax and help shift our physical and emotional states. I believe that human connection through consensual touch is not only therapeutic but also essential. Studies have proven that nurturing touch is vital for survival in infancy, and that our need for touch does not diminish as we get older.

I offer this universal practice of holding or being held to all individuals regardless of age, race, sexual orientation or gender identity. I bring my deep interest in alternative healing practices and my belief that we all play the role of both healer and healee. I have a professional background in engineering, have studied various forms of dance and yoga over the last 15 years, and find joy in growing and sharing food.

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